Pleasantly plump teenager Tracy Turnblad teaches 1962 Baltimore a thing or two about integration after landing a spot on a local TV dance show.

how to give a lap dance

It’s Official: Bruce Willis Will Return for Sin City 2

Willis joins the pretty extensive list of returnees which currently includes Jaime King as Wendy (Goldie’s sister), Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan, Rosario Dawson as Gail and Mickey Rourke as Marv and also the replacements of Dennis Haysbert as Manute (replacing the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan), Josh Brolin replacing Clive Owen as Dwight and Jamie Chung replacing Devon Aoki as the deadly Miho.

Joining these returning stars will be Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role of Johnny, a part in which was orginally linked to Johnny Depp during the years of speculation and rumour since the first movie.

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Quentin Tarantino defends depiction of slavery in Django Unchained

Tarantino was speaking to an audience of Bafta members and critics after the first UK screening of Django Unchained on Thursday night, which sees former slave Django Freeman (played by Jamie Foxx) team up with a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) to find and rescue his enslaved wife.

"We all intellectually 'know' the brutality and inhumanity of slavery," Tarantino said, "but after you do the research it's no longer intellectual any more, no longer just historical record – you feel it in your bones. It makes you angry, and want to do something … I'm here to tell you, that however bad things get in the movie, a lot worse shit actually happened."

"When slave narratives are done on film, they tend to be historical with a capital H, with an arms-length quality to them. I wanted to break that history-under-glass aspect, I wanted to throw a rock through that glass and shatter it for all times, and take you into it."

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‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Seeing the Film

It’s been nine years since the final Lord of the Rings film hit theaters, but the time has finally come to return to Middle-earth. Much will be the same, but there have also been some big changes happening during director Peter Jackson’s 266 days of filming on the Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the novel puts the focus on the character of Bilbo Baggins, the uncle of Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) in LotR. In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first part of Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, a much younger Bilbo (played by Martin Freeman) is recruited by Gandalf the Grey (again portrayed by Ian McKellen) to join 13 dwarves – including the warrior Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) – for an adventure filled with Goblins, Orcs, Wargs and more.

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Gale Ann Hurd (The Walking Dead) To Produce World War II Sci-Fi Drama For USA Network

The Walking Dead's Producer Gale Ann Hurd will exec- produce an alien invasion drama for USA. The sci-fi drama, titled Horizon, centers "on a secretary at the FBI who discovers that her husband might have been killed in a battle with a spaceship in the South Pacific. Obsessed with learning the truth, she becomes the only person standing between Earth and an alien invasion."

Here are the details on “Horizon” and other series USA has picked up:


The Universal Cable Productions’ project with Valhalla Entertainment is the first new pilot from executive producer Gale Anne Hurd since the Golden Globe-nominated “The Walking Dead,” which comes from her studio deal. Stacey Levin, Valhalla’s VP of Television, and Kris Henigman, Director of Development, shepherded the project.

Set during the height of World War II, HORIZON centers on a secretary at the FBI who discovers that her husband might have been killed in a battle with a spaceship in the South Pacific. Obsessed with learning the truth, she becomes the only person standing between Earth and an alien invasion. Gale Anne Hurd will executive produce HORIZON with writer and co-executive producer Bridget Tyler (BURN NOTICE).

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Interview - Pictures Vogue Cover - Modelling (Vogue.com UK)

ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY didn't have posters of boy bands adorning her bedroom walls as a teen - she decorated her room with images of models instead.

"I was obsessed with fashion," the model-cum-actress told us. "I was just fascinated by these images and the photo shoots - and what went into that, what happened behind the scenes. How you create that glamour and mystery and the theatrical nature of the picture - that was what really interested me and my bedroom was just full of pictures of models and tear-outs from magazines."

The Vogue cover girl revealed that, when she started modelling (her catwalk debut was in 2004 aged 17), she mirrored herself on model idol Gisele Bundchen.

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone Wears Peach Toned Dress at Revlon Makeup Launch Actress Emma Stone never fails to impress with her impeccable style and beautiful natural makeup. The 24-year-old star was seen at the new Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup launch event held at The London Hotel in New York City on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012. The new collection will debut in Spring 2013 and feature a plethora of foundations and loose-based powder. Seen in pictures on Just Jared, Stone, who is the face of the collection, wore a lovely peach and gray-toned dress designed by Daniel Vosovic. The dress had short sleeves and a cinched waist, with the skirt ending just above her knees.

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Beastie Boys call for sampling lawsuit to be dismissed

The Beastie Boys have called for the dismissal of a lawsuit charging that they illegally sampled material on their first two albums. The rappers deny there is any "substantial similarity" between the tracks on Licensed to Ill and Paul's Boutique and the songs they sampled by the go-go band Trouble Funk.

TufAmerica, Trouble Funk's label, filed its suit in May, one day before the death of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch. TufAmerica alleged copyright infringement, unjust enrichment and misappropriation, and asked for punitive damages and a permanent injunction on the sale of records containing Trouble Funk samples.

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