Oregon Scientific Meep kids tablet review

We've seen quite a few kids' tablets recently, and the Meep is yet another vying for your attention. At £130 it's more expensive than a £90 LeapPad 2, but cheaper than the nabi 2 and Kurio 7.

Like the latter two, this is an Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich, which is much more evident than usual. However, as you'd expect, it's pretty locked down, so your kids can't muck around with settings that would cause any problems.

As we'd expected, the screen is a fairly low-resolution 7in display with 800x480 pixels (the same as the Kurio). This makes text look pretty blocky and jagged (and there's a lot of small text in the pre-loaded apps which is hard to read because of this), but you don't notice this so much in images.

Viewing angles are poor, just like the Kurio, and colours invert if you tilt the Meep too much. In the camera app, the shutter and zoom controls disappear and reappear as you tilt the screen a little. The display is fairly dim, too, so you'll need to set it to maximum brightness.

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